Andy and XE601

Andy Foan

Andy has been flying since leaving school, starting on Chipmunks and gaining a PPL in 1980. He then built up experience by towing gliders and instructing, and he started flying commercially in 1988 on twin turbo-prop aircraft.

December 1990, Andy flew one of the last single-pilot public transport flights before the Civil Aviation Authority ruled that all such flights should have two qualified pilots. He continued his airline career becoming a Type Rating Examiner on the ATR42/72 in 1994.

In 2003 he formed Skyblue Aviation to train commercial pilots to fly and instruct on the ATR and Boeing 737 series aircraft and in 2009 this turned into Skyblue Aero Services, with the move to new premises, but still at Exeter.

Throughout his commercial flying he has maintained a keen interest in classic and vintage aircraft and owns Hunter FGA9 XE601 and a Beech 18, both based at Exeter International Airport.

During 2007 he gained his Hunter Display Authorisation, and now proudly shows off XE601 whenever he can.

Andy is also a qualified aerobatic and seaplane instructor.

Andy's Hunter display routine.

1. Take off
2. Approach to B axis
3. Vertical manoeuvre
4. Belly side pass (L to R weather dependant)
5. Belly side pass (R to L weather dependant)
6. Top side pass (L or R)
7. Top side pass (L or R)
8. Barrel roll (L or R)
9. Barrel roll (L or R)
10. Position B axis vertical manoeuvre
11. Landing