Chris Heames

Chris Heames joined the RAF from school in 1970.

After Officer training he was posted to RAF Wattisham, RAF Akrotiri and RAF Brawdy as an air traffic controller.

1979 saw Chris begin his pilot training at RAF Linton on Ouse in Lincolnshire on the Jet Provost and subsequently at RAF Valley and RAF Chivenor on the Bae Hawk.

Relocating to RAF Binbrook and conversion on to the English Electric Lightning, Chris then did a further conversion course with 19 Sqn at RAF Wildenrath in Germany, on to the McDonnell/Douglas Phantom

After Conversion onto the Bae Tornado GR1, Chris then served with 17 and 14 Sqn in RAFG at Bruggen, then returned to the UK as an instructor with TTTE at RAF Cottesmore.

Following QFI training on the Tucano at Linton on Ouse, Chris then went through a further conversion onto the Tornado F3.

Short tours on 5 and 11 Squadron flying the Tornado F3 were followed by a year at CFS Tutor Sqn Cranwell as a QPNI flight commander.

Chris is currently the Chief Instructor at the Central Gliding School at RAF Syerston.

He currently has approximately 11000 total flying hours of which 5000 are fast jet and 3000 gliding.

Chris Heames Hunter display routine.

B Axis run in,
¼ Clover to A Axis,
Derry wing over,
Barrel Roll,
½ Cuban,
4 point roll,
Max rate turn,
Derry to A axis,
Wing over,
Slow roll,
Reverse ½ Cuban (lazy),
Canadian break to land.