On this page can be found pictures various contributers. It is hoped to include video at some stage.


XE601 coming at ya !!! A stunning picture taken by Andy Martin at Dawlish Carnival 2009
Just wait for the "Blue Note" !!!

WT723 Flown by AVM (retd) Boz Robinson in her Royal Navy markings at RAF Cottesmore for RIAT 2002


Please click the below links for pictures taken of XE601 by Nigel Watson and Christian Ward at the Bae/Airbus Families day at Harwarden in 2009. Our thanks for their permission to to show on the website.

Nigel Watson

Christian Ward


XE601 getting airborne to go back to Exeter from RIAT, with new owner Gerald Williams on Monday 19th July 2010.

Our thanks to Terry Lee for this picture.