"In the Office"

John Hurrell

John is an ex-Royal Air Force Qualified Flying Instructor (QFI) with tours on Buccaneers, Tornado GR.1's and also Hawk T.1's. He saw active service in the 1st Gulf War as part of the RAF's Tornado force.

John is currently employed by BAE Systems based at Warton as a Hawk QFI, which is a small team of instructors that train fellow pilots using a small number of former RAF Hawks in preparation for overseas deployments. He also provides fast-jet refresher training for experienced pilots that have recently returned from ground tours.

When not flying fast jets, he enjoys flying the aircraft in the vintage historic aviation at The Shuttleworth Trust at Old Warden

John cites the Hunter as his favourite aircraft.

Johns Hunter display routine:

Landing and takeoff may be incorporated into display.
Arrive from left or right
, low level high speed
Half Cuban on A axis followed by a Half Cuban on B axis
Slow 360 turn
Derry wingover
Barrel Roll
2 Aileron Roll's
Derry wingover
Knife-edge topside pass Vertical departure on A axis