This page cover updates for aircraft display details as and when they finalise.

16th May 2016

After the tragic event at the Shoreham Airshow last year to which we extend our condolences to the families of the perons who lost their lives, it was deceided to take the website off line and wait for the CAA and AAIB carry out their investigations before committing to making the site live again. Much has been written concerning the accident and it is not in this sites interests to analyse what the CAA and AAIB reports have found. Needless to say that at this time all civilian Hunters remain grounded.

Other Permit to Fly aircraft are still allowed to fly and Pembroke WV740 being one is ready for Airshow 2016. Over the winter months she has had her annual service and been prounouced fully servicable. Two invites for WV740 have been extended by East Fortune and SBAC Farnborough which have been accepted (details on the show page). So with XL573 and WT723 remaining grounded for this time, we remain committed to reporting on WV740's commitments.

26th July 2015

For anyone expecting the aircraft at the RNAS Yeovilton airshow on the 18th July we apologise. Unfortunatly the Events page had not been updated to show we would not be there.

The RNAS Culdrose show on the 30th is now confirmed and we are pleased to say that Mark Stott will be taking his Pembroke WV740 to take part in the static. Luckily, someone checked their website to say we were expected, so if your going to be there, why not pop along. have a chat with the guys and have a look at the only flying example in the UK.

28th June 2015

The weekend of the Weston Super Mare Airday (20th and 21st June) had the prospects of weather playing an active part in the aerial proceedings and on the Saturday curtailed Andy Hills solo Hunter display due to low cloud. The Sunday gave a better forcast and WV372 (Fox1) with Chris Heames as duty pilot left North Weald, completed his display at Weston on route and then did the 1 minute transit to the waiting crew at St Athan. A plan by all pilots had been drawn up which saw the two Hunters and Vulcan formate in the Glastonbury area and then swing back towards Weston for a series of formation passes before the Vulcan did its full display routine. Unfortunatly on start up, WV372's Avon 122 wouldn't light up . After several attempts and time getting tight, Andy took the lead and lauched for his rendezvous with 558. The ground crew carried on trying to get WV372 started but realised they had to give up with XL573 in the circuit to land. Both jets were pushed into the hanger with the plan to sort Fox 1 during the week as she had a commitment for the following week at Armed Forces Day at Plymouth.

19th June 2015

At the last minute we have been asked to supply a solo Hunter display for the Weston Super Mare Airshow this weekend. On the Saturday the honour will fall to XL573 piloted by Andy Hills. The Sunday sees WV372 with Chris Heames at the controls that will supply the display on his way from North Weald to St Athan. The plan then is to refuel WV372 at St Athan, launch both Hunters to formate with the Vulcan ready to close the airshow Sunday afternoon. Both will then return to St Athan, WV372 will be refuelled and then return to North Weald. Our thanks to Trev at Slipstream Events for this oppurtunity to display both jets.

8th June 2015

We are please to annouce that Hunter XL573 along with Hunter WV372 will be escorting Vulcan XH558 at the Weston super Mare Airday on Sunday the 21st of June. Both jets will be operating out of MoD St Athan, formate with the Vulcan and then return to St Athan. As this is XH558's last year of operational flying, this should be an oppurtunity for photographers to capture three Classic Jets where they should be, in the air.

5th May 2015

The first confirmed attendance for a Hunter will be a t the Abbeyshrule Airshow in County Longford, Eire. The aircraft attending will be, Mark Stotts T7 XL573. This event is over the weekend of May 31st and June 1st with the aircraft operating out of Knock Airport

We have been extended invites to assist the static display at both RNAS Yeovilton and RNAS Culdrose Airshows with the Pembroke and Hunter PR11. Further details to follow.

10th March 2015

Well the show season is now gearing up with most events waiting on the MoD to see what military acts are available for 2015. Due to the Battle of Britain Anniversary this year there will be a pelethory of Spitfires and Hurricane and so there should be.

Mark Stott has had an invite to take his Pembroke to go to the RNAS Culdrose Air Day on the 30th July and we are hopeing that the GA11 will also attend.

18th February 2015

From all of the owners and maintainers a Happy New Year

It doesn't seem like five minutes ago we were gearing up for the 2014 show sseason. So over the winter period Horizion Aircraft Services at St Athan have been progessivly going over the aircraft ready for this years events, of which we have had a few tentative enquiries which we hope to firm up within the next couple of months..

1st April 2014

On Saturday 29th March owner Mark Stott and QFI Andrew Dickson Brought Pembroke WV740 back to base at Mod St Athan. Over the previous couple of days Andrew has been converting Mark onto type and saw them doing practice flights at Duxford, Lee on Solent and Bournemouth.

Jet Provost T5 XW325 has changed owners. We are now awaiting the owners details and there permission to publish

23rd March 2014

WT723 was wheeled out yesterday for an airing and looks stunning back into her 764 Squadron markings. A few jobs need doing to complete this major overhaul. Andy Gillett and Horizon Aircraft Services (St Athan) need to have a pat on the back for this one.

20th March 2014

Work is progressing well in returning the only flying Hawker Hunter PR11 WT723 back to her original Royal Navy markings. The national and squadron markings are now being applied and hopefully she will be rolled out to get photographed shortly.

Both Pembroke WV740 and Hunter WT723 have been given invitations to attend RNAS Culdrose's Air Day on July 31st 2014.

24th January 2014

A belated Happy New Year to all

Good news. Pembroke WV740 took her first flight of the year on 16th January. She landed servicable and is now available for any interesting offers of work.

As previosly mentioned Jet Provost T5 XW325 has now migrated on to the website. More details on the aircraft are in the "AIRCRAFT" section of the site.

Mention must be made of a website that covers all operations at Cardiff International Airport as well as MoD St Athan and is well worth a visit. www.

6th November 2013

Hawker Hunter WT723, is in the last stages of its paint strip and the external 100 gallon tanks and pylons have been removed, ready for prepping for painting.

Pembroke WV740 is now complete for its return to flight. Successful engine runs have now been carried out, with a few issues remaining and it is hoped for a test flight when conditions allow.

As has been widely reported, Hunter T7 XL573 has had a major makeover. It's first since coming onto the civil register since 1994. Although not totally authentic it will preserve the airframe for a number of years. The team at St Athan have worked wonders on 573 and she is virtually pristine.

Work on Gannet AEW3 XL500 has moved up a gear, with the arrival of doner aircraft XL472

The aircrafts maintainace company Hunter Flying has undergone a name change. With the move to MoD St Athan now complete, they are now known as Horizon Aircraft Services and have a new website at

23rd September 2013

First off, huge apologies to persons trawling through the Classic Jets website and realising updates have not been forthcoming. Due to aircrafts relocations to St Athan and owners being unavailable to fly their respective aircraft, plus finding time to scribe info as it arrives, the site had been put on hold. Hopefully with the information listed below, this will now change for the good.

For diehard hunter fans, 2014 should see Hawker Hunter PR11 WT723 resume her Royal Navy markings and not the all over grey wrap associated with the navy marked Hunters of the 80's and 90's, but the original bluegrey upper and white lower surfaces, when she operated from RNAS Lossimouth and then RNAS Yeovilton. Her puseudo 111 Squadron markings are now in the process of being removed, prior to painting. The owner has agreed that WT723 will be available for airshows next year and we will be contacting their respective organisers shortly.

Percival Pembroke C1 WV740, has had a complete overhaul including props and is also hoped to be on a return to the UK airshow scene

A Jet Provost will soon be coming to this website soon, further details will be provided soon.

Also with Fairey Gannet XL500 making a welcome return to airworthy status, it is hoped to include details with the owners permission.

There are other interesting types that may migrate to the CJ site so keep watching this space.

17th July 2012

Unfortunatly both WV740 and XL573 were unable to attend RIAT at RAF Fairford and the SBAC Farnborough airshow over the weekends of 7th-8th July and 14th-15th July respectivly. Our apologies to anyone expecting them.

1st July 2012

Our apologies to anyone who went to RAF Waddington 2012 expecting to see WV740 and XL573. Due to circumstances beyond our control they were unable to attend.

WV740 is still down to attend RIAT at RAF Fairford this weekend and there is the possibility XL573 will also be on static duty.

19th June 2012

Farnborough have now confirmed the attendance of XL573 and WV740, plus more details have been added to the site concerning airshow appearances for the aircraft.

A web page for Pembroke WV740 has also been added. It maybe not a jet but its certainly a Classic aircraft. Mark Stott also owns Fairey Gannet AEW3 XL500 and details will be added the nearer it comes to flight status.

28th May 2012

XL573 and WV750 get first public outings. We now have firmed up bookings for Mark Stott's Hunter and Pembroke for 2012. RAF Waddington and RIAT have now confirmed they would like the aircraft to attend. We are also awaiting Farnborough's decision. All details on the display appearances page

30th April 2012

Percival Pembroke C1 WV740 to join the fleet. WV740 has recently been aquired by XL573's owner, who also owns Fairey Gannet AEW3 XL500, and will be making its way to St Athan from Goodwood within the next couple of weeks to join based maintainance company Hunter Flying Ltd. WV740 will be available for Airshows during 2012

21st March 2012

As has been recently annouced, the aircrafts maintainance company Hunter Flying Ltd has relocated its operation to St Athan in South Wales. Their website has been recently updated and carries further details.

With consent from their owners, Hunters T7 XL573 and PR11 WT723 will be available for airshow work during 2012

24th January 2012

There are several things happening on the Hunter display front. Further details will follow as soon as they are released.

Watch this space

28th December 2011

Due to commitments, non Hunter related I had to hold fire on updating this site, but as the counter is confirming there are a hardy few that continue to watch the site, our thanks.

As you will have no doubt seen in Flypast, Hunter FGA XE601 has been sold to Apache Aviation in France where she will resume her test aircraft career.

Hunter T7 XL573 has at last flown, in the very capable hands of John Hurrell.

We are all hoping for an eventful 2012 and will try and keep you up to date on each aircrafts diary during the year.

27th July 2011

After three years of being grounded Hunter T7 XL573 is well on its way to getting air under its wheels. The aircraft is in the last phases of a major service with Hunter Flying at Exeter and has had its engine run. The first flight should be taken within the next month.

5th January 2011

A New Year usually brings changes and 2011 started early with Gerald Williams taking on XE601. Gerald is one of four owners that for the last couple of years has been flying a quartet of BAC Strikemasters on the UK and European Airshow scene as Team Viper. At the latter half of 2010 this changed to two Hunters and two Strikemasters and then at the Leuchers airshow four Hunters. WT723 has also been enroled into Team Viper and more details can be found at

13th September 2010

XE601 gains a new owner. Due to work commitments Andy Foan has relinquished ownership of XE601 with Gerald Williams taking on custodianship and display flying for the rest of 2010.

6th August 2010

Unfortunately due to serviceability, XE601 will not be appearing at Rhyl and Blackpool airshow's this weekend. We apologise for anyone that has made a journey to see her. We are endeavoring to remedy her problems.

27th July 2010

More photos have been provided for the gallery. Our thanks to Nigel Watson and Terry Lee.

XE601's next display outing will be to Rhyl and Blackpool Airshow's over the weekend of 7th and 8th August 2010

Port Rush airshow have now confirmed XE601's appearance over the weekend of the 4th and 5th September 2010

13th July 2010

XE601 and another Hunter from Exeter will be appearing at RIAT this weekend of the 17th and 18th July. Arrival is scheduled for late afternoon on Friday the 16th.

2nd July 2010

RAF Waddington Airshow. At short notice XE601 was given an invite to attend this event over this weekend of the 3rd and 4th July and flew in on the 2nd with Hunter T8B WV322.

RNAS Yeovilton Airshow. Unfortunately XE601 will not be attending this show on the 10th July due to operational reasons

Royal International Air Tattoo, RAF Fairford. At this time XE601 will be attending this event over the weekend of the 17th and 18th July.

11th June 2010

Later than usual. A few updates have now been added to the site.

The Events page now shows Rhyl as a confirmed show and details will be put on the site when we have them.

RIAT have extended an invitation for XE601 and WT723 to attend their show at RAF Fairford on static duty over the weekend of the 17th and 18th July.

Invitations have also been received for XE601 to be on static duty at the Kemble Airshow over the weekend of 19th and 20th June at also her local show at RNAS Yeovilton on Saturday 10th July.

Following on from our request for pictures of either jet. A number of people have been in touch and their pictures will be added to the Gallery shortly. Our grateful thanks to one and all.

13th April 2010

The gallery page has now been activated. We are hoping to add to this page as the year progress's.
If you have any pictures of WT723 or XE601 we would love to hear from you.

19th March 2010

Unfortunately the event at Boscombe Down had to be cancelled, due to the weather. Our thanks to Dave Southwood and team for the invitation and we will have to find another just reason to get XE601 home for a day.

Branscombe Airfield's Charity Day have just confirmed XE601's first public booking for 2010 for an appearance on Sunday 25th July 2010. Please see the Display Appearances page for their website and more information about their event.

15th March 2010

On the 19th March 2010, XE601 and owner Andy Foan have been asked to attend the Fast Jet Squadron disbandment to be held at QinetiQ's test airfield at Boscombe Down in Wiltshire.

This is subject to weather permitting VFR